PayPal has hinted at an overhaul of its mobile app to bring new features and services and now we’re seeing the first version of this “super app”. The new app brings several new tools for users including direct deposit, a digital wallet, bill payments, shopping tools, and even cryptocurrency capabilities. It also brings a new high-yield savings account in partnership with Synchrony Bank in the U.S. This signals the transformation of PayPal from a payments utility to an actual finance app.

PayPal Savings is a new service that lets customers have a savings account within the app powered by Synchrony Bank. It has a “competitive high yield interest rate” to encourage customers to develop saving habits. It’s also easy to transfer money between this and their PayPal balance. The Direct Deposit feature, which lets you get paid up to two days earlier is now enhanced so you can add a portion or all of your paycheck to your PayPal balance.

The new PayPal app also has new shopping tools that will let you find out about new deals, make purchases online and at the physical stores, and earn rewards within the app. You’ll be able to see discount codes and offers from retailers in a new in-app browser. You can also save the deals to the digital wallet for future use. There will be a new loyalty program within the PayPal app so you ca earn cashback rewards and shopping credit from participating sellers.

The enhanced bill pay feature lets customers track, view, and pay bills from more than 17,000 companies like utilities, TV and internet, credit cards, phones, etc. You can use either your PayPal wallet or any connected funding source to pay for the bills. For those who are into cryptocurrency, there’s a dashboard to easily manage, buy, hold, and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

All of these things you will be able to manage in your new, personalized dashboard. PayPal says they will be adding more features and enhancements later on including investment capabilities and more ways to pay both in-store and online.