All ye OnePlus 3 owners will be happy to know that a new app can bring some enhancements and new features to your smartphone. This root app developed by XDA Senior Member rituj26 and other devs who got tired of some OnePlus 3 ROMs available. This application is said to allow any user to have better control of the Pocket Mode feature.

The app was developed because the guy wants more from his OnePlus 3. The ROMs he knows and have used apparently are not enough. This new one becomes useful as it can disable fingerprint sensor, as well as, DT2W and xD. Some of the new things the app offers include some new themes (pitch black and DU red), disabling of enabled gestures and fingerprint sensor, and ability to toggle all available gestures.

The app also enables starting automatically at boot and the fingerprint sensor is now more responsive. HBM and sRGB modes are also now included.

The developer noted that there may be still bugs so feel free to report them. He’s not sure if it would work with other conflicting apps and that it may not be compatible with old kernel versions.

Where to get the app? Download APK from here, install like any other app, open, grant root access, then start.