While the built-in cameras of the Galaxy S10 devices are already pretty good on their own, there are of course those that would still prefer to use lenses to enhance the quality of their photos. Olloclip is one of the most popular companies that make these high-quality lenses and now they’re introducing a new clip system that can be used with the Samsung Galaxy S10, with or without the smartphones so you can use all kinds of lenses with your device.

If it’s the first time you’ve heard of Ollioclip, they’re considered one of the best mobile lens providers so you will be able to bring high-end optics to your smartphone as you take your pictures and videos. They have several different kinds of wide-angle, fisheye, telephoto and other lens types. There are of course other brands that have more affordable lenses but if you prefer to have better lenses than the low-quality glass than you can find in the cheaper ones.

The new Olloclip clip system can be placed at the top of your device with or without a smartphone case. You can connect any of the compatible mobile lenses to the built-in camera module so you can easily interchange the lenses when you need to use it. It works with some of Olloclip’s newest lenses like the Pocket Telephoto 2X Essential lens, the re-launched Macro 10X Essential lens, the Fisheye and 15x two-in-one lens, the 21X SuperFine Pro lens, Start series lenses, etc.

You can get the Olloclip clip system for the Galaxy S10 models is available in several set packs which includes select lens. The ElitePack is priced at $130 which comes with the Fisheye / 15X Macro Essential two-in-one, and the Pocket Telephoto 2X Essential. The MacroProPack is at $200 and comes with a customer’s choice of clip along with all of the 5 Macro lenses. The StartPack is the most affordable at $80 and is good for those starting out their mobile photography.

Olloclip will also be rolling out some more clips this December, but it’s more for iPhone devices probably. The new clip system is also compatible with the iPhone 11 series.