The good news for Moto Z owners is that Motorola is still not giving up on Moto Mods, the modules that you can attach to your smartphones in that line. In fact, not only are they introducing two new ones that some may find useful, but they’re also continuing their partnership with IndieGoGo and looking for new ideas for new mods. Plus, they now have a Moto Z Market app so you can find new possible mods an get localized support as well.

The Lenovo Vital Moto Mod is not just a health tracker but it helps you accurately measure your key vital signs: heart rate, respiratory rate, Pulse Ox, core body temperature, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. They say that the more you know about what your body is telling you, the better we can keep being healthy, and now you don’t have to go to a diagnostic clinic every time you need to have some of these vital signs measured. You just whip out your Moto Z phone, attach the mod, and you’re good to go.

Meanwhile, the Livermorium Slider Keyboard is a full QWERTY slider keyboard that you can attach to your device during times when you can work better with a full keyboard. It can even tilt your screen up to 60 degrees for better viewing. This mod was actually the winner of the first Transform the Smartphone Challenge, a collaboration between Motorola and IndieGoGo. They’re continuing the program this year, and you have until February 6 to submit your concept. You’ll get the chance to win a moto z phone, a Moto Development Kit and support to launch your own crowdfunding campaign.

Lastly, you can now see all your favorite moto mods and apps connected to it, through the moto z Market App. You can now download it through the Google Play Store if moto z phones are available for purchase in your country. The Livermorium Slider Keyboard will cost you $99 and will be available this winter, while the Lenovo Vital Moto Mod is $395 and will come out in April.

SOURCE: Motorola