There is no rest for Mophie as the company is introducing new products. These aren’t new protective phone cases but new charging solutions so there is no reason why your phone should go low battery. The already long battery life of your new Android phone isn’t enough that you have to bring your charger with you. An electrical outlet isn’t always available so the best and easiest fix is a powerbank. Mophie is offering four new “powerstations” that can store up to 20,000mAh or up to 73 hours of device use time.

Mophie has announced the following: Powerstation mini, Powerstation, Powerstation XL, and the Powerstation XXL. Aside from the colors, they differ in battery capacity and the number of total hours it can give any user.

The Powerstation mini boasts 5000mAh or up to 18 hours of device usage. You can choose from different color options: Light Blue, Hot Pink, Navy, Black, and Gray. The Mophie Powerstation offers almost double the power at 10,000mAh or 36 hours of time. Color options are Pink, Navy, Gray, and Black.

The Powerstation XL delivers 15,000mAh battery. It’s also available in Gray and Black. Last but not least is the Powerstation XXL with 20,000mAh capacity or almost 73 hours of total device use time. The device is only available in Black.

These powerstation batteries can also be availed at Verizon, Best Buy, and T-Mobile retail stores. You can get the products directly on

When it comes to pricing, the Powerstation mini is most affordable at $39.95. The Powerstation is $49.95 while the superpower Powerstation XL and Powerstation XXL are only $59.95 and $69.95, respectively. These are available with sub $100 price tags so many consumers can enjoy mophie products.

The new mophie battery packs will be sold in the United States via the retailers and websites we mentioned. No information when and where they will also be released in other markets.