Right after the resignation of its product head, music video service Vevo announced the design and overall overhaul of its Android app, showcasing a new look and better live streaming services for users. It aims to compete with other music streaming services, but with the advantage of having not just audio, but a visual accompaniment to the users’ music experience.

The real-time music video feed is now faster and better because of the integration with Korean software NexStreaming, which strengthens streaming tech for mobile devices. Music video fanatics can now expect even more music video premieres, exclusive Vevo content, the latest news about their favourite artists and recommended playlists, based on their most listened to musicians. Just don’t be surprised if it gives you a glut of boy bands if you keep on clicking on those One Direction videos.

For the US and Canada markets, there are three available Vevo live-streaming channels: “Hits” which of course brings you the best in pop music, “Flow” for your rap and R&B groove, and “Nashville” for, what else, good ole country music. As it expands to a larger market, expect them to add even more channels. A “K-Pop or J-Pop” channel would be a hit, given its popularity not just in Asia, don’t you think?

Other changes, like the redesigned “browse” area, a much easier playlist creation and playback, replicates the success it has had in its iOS redesign, and maybe convert several users from its major rival, YouTube, which has also seen some updates and overhauls these past few months. The new Vevo app is available for download on the Google Play Store.

VIA: VentureBeat