If you still haven’t heard of the Logitech Circle Home Security Camera, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the system. The camera is getting some new security features such as customizable Motion Zones, Person Detection technology, and more for the Circle Safe Premium subscribers. For a small price of $9.99 per camera/month or $99.99 per camera for the whole year.

Logitech takes advantage of its proprietary artificial intelligence to identify people or pets. Looking for the difference between the two is possible with this security cam. You can be notified by this system with customizable alerts so you can now quickly identify what is happening or what can be viewed on the camera display. Once an unusual activity is detected, the camera will let you know with a simple alert.

Even if you aren’t always home, you can still know what’s happening inside and in the perimeter. With the use of the Logitech Circle Web App, you are free to outline and save up to five specific Motion Zone. Use the app so you will see alerts once something is detected.

The Logitech Circle Security Camera is enhanced with the new features that allow you a better control at home. You don’t have to feel there’s invasion of privacy every time there is small movement because the app and camera will only send you information and alerts that only matter you.

Logitech has also launched the new subscription plan known as the Circle Safe Basic. This includes a 14-day video storage so you can see your video history and archives should you need to review the past two weeks of coverage. This service is available for only $3.99 per camera each month.

Download Logi Circle from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Logitech