One of the selling points that the LG V20 wants to ride on is the fact that it is the first Android smartphone that comes with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. For the latest video that they released for the recently announced smartphone they showcase the various features that you’ll be able to experience with the UX 5.0+, their custom UI which is actually based on Nougat features as well. It’s not really a visual overhaul, but more on adding new features to make the LG V20 a must-have device.

Heads up notification has been a feature for some Android versions and several devices as well. But the UX 5.0+ goes so far as to make it a sort of second screen for you. So if your watching a video and a notification comes in, you don’t need to close the video to access or reply to that, but you can do it on the notification screen above your video while you’re still watching. You can also access several apps on the second screen even while your device is still locked, like the memo pad, camera, flashlight, etc. It also now has a new feature called In Apps, where you can search for things on the second screen even while you’re still on the main screen.


There are a lot of new audio and video features for the LG V20 as well, specifically targeted at musicians and filmmakers. You will be able to adjust the recording features depending on your environment and control various aspects of it through the equalizer. You can also add voice recording to previous recordings made through the studio mode. As for video, you can do Hi-Fi video recording, zoom in and out smoothly, and adjust focus between subjects.

Other features you can enjoy with the UX 5.0+ of the LG V20 includes the Smart Doctor which can help you diagnose and fix medical issues, resizable multi-windows, and the DPI scaling option. For LG Health, you also get monitoring and reminders for drinking water and a Jumping Rope mode to add to your exercise options. So are these features enough to convince you to get the LG V20?