HTC is at it again with another video teasing its upcoming flagship. This time, the duo of actors focus on the New HTC One’s camera capabilities, which is, of course, supposedly better than what the HTC One already has.

The HTC One, soon to be called the Old One or the First One, is already advertised to have some rather formidable photography features. It is said to possess a 2.0 micrometer ultrapixel custom image sensor, not your regular megapixel sensor found on even high-end smartphones. One of the effects of this kind of sensor is that it is able to capture 300 percent more light.

In short, HTC would have has remember, come announcement date, that ultrapixels mean better in the dark. By implication, it means that, at least on paper, the HTC One handles low light photography quite well, which, along with auto focus, has been one of the banes of digital photography. You can watch the full length of the video teaser below.

Being a teaser, details are naturally scarce, if not non-existent. HTC would just like us to believe that the New HTC One will be naturally better than the HTC One. We will just have to wait for the March 25th event to gauge by just how much, if it is better at all.