Images posted to HTC’s Weibo account hint at a new device, which promises to be fashionable. The handset is aesthetically reminiscent of the older One (which had several variants), but there is no information accompanying it to give hard details on what we’re getting.

Via the text accompanying the pics, we get several mentions of “fashion”. One notes “Fashion does not mean luxury”, while another says (roughly translated) “In the fashion world, you want to win the war”. We see that HTC thinks this new handset is cleverly designed, but we also get a hint of where they think this fits in.

By challenging our perception of luxury, it seems as though this one will be a mid-range device. It holds styling cues from older HTC devices, or at least seems to. We’re not offered more than outlines, really, so we’re left to imagine what could be.

We also don’t get mention of specs, or just what “fashionable” means. All the talk of starting a war and challenging luxury suggests HTC is ready to dive into the mid-range segment in a big way. Lucky for them, we’re all ready to have them do so.



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