Corning Gorilla Glass Composite Products

The name Corning is known for all things glass and ceramics. In the mobile industry, it’s widely popular for the Corning Glass used as protection for most smartphone displays. Last year, the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus was introduced as the toughest Gorilla Glass yet in the world. We also learned Samsung teaming up with Corning to develop glass for its folding phones. Fast forward to today, we’re learning about the company finally expanding its business to optimize performance of mobile device cameras.

A new category has been announced. The scratch-resistant and durable glass composite products now have a new category. The Corning Gorilla Glass with DX and Corning Gorilla Glass with DX+ have been introduced. The technology will be ready for mobile device cameras, allowing ordinary users to take advantage of professional-grade image capture.

The new products promise durability, superior scratch resistance, and advanced optical performance. Camera optics are being improved further for smartphones. As mobile photography expands, brands like Corning need to improve further.

Corning Gorilla Glass’ Vice President and General Manager Jaymin Amin said, “Corning’s Gorilla Glass composites not only provide mobile device camera lens covers with enhanced scratch resistance and durability compared to traditional coatings, but also the improved optical performance required for these devices.”

The new Gorilla Glass DX products will be used by Samsung first for their camera lens covers. The Gorilla Glass DX products have already been used on millions of wearable devices. It’s only now that they will be used on mobile camera lens covers.

There is a demand for premium quality image and video features. OEMs have responded by using advanced functionalities like infrared sensors, wide-angle lenses, and telephoto. The camera category is always being updated but the glass itself covering them may not be as durable.