We’re all very familiar with the Play Store. It’s the home of your favorite games and apps and while we’re all used to how it looks and works, just like any other application, it needs some kind of updating too. We’ll soon see a new Android Market/Play Store user interface and design although we’re not sure when exactly.

Kirill Grouchnikov, user interface engineer at Google, has been working hard on this division but he announced recently that he’ll be moving to the frameworks team. He has greatly helped Google work on the Play Store and bring it to its current position in the market. Before his big move, he worked on an update on the Play Store so in the next few weeks, we’ll see the new Play Store design.

Grouchnikov has shared some images of the new Play Store that now comes with stunning animations. We don’t have much details but the images tell us what to expect. Check out those pretty animations as shown off below:

Google Play Store 2015 Animation

So far, we notice the new buttons, icons, more colors, more graphics, and the slideshow cover. There seems to be two major categories: Apps & Games and Entertainment–each having more sub-categories.

The new UI looks very fun. A green bar will be seen expanding right into the status bar. You can still scroll down the page to reveal more information and images. No word yet when the update will roll out but we’ll let you know soon. Or, let us know if you see suddenly see the new design on your Play Store.

VIA: Reddit

SOURCE: Kirill Grouchnikov (1),(2),(3)