Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen 2021 Design

Aside from the Pixel 6 duo, a new Pixel Stand will also be revealed on October 19. Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is being prepped for release so no wonder details about it are also being leaked ahead of launch. The tech giant may release the charging accessory with a $79 price tag. Our source has shared other information about the Google Pixel Stand that can turn into a smart display when you put a Pixel phone on it.

The second-gen Google Pixel Stand is said to be capable of charging a Pixel phone at 23W. It will come with two charge points and a fan for cooling. It will be ready in two colors.

This is Tech Today’s Brandon Lee shared a lot of details. Screenshots of the product description has been posted online.

The new version of the Pixel Stand is said to feature a dual coil with dedicated coil for wearables. It offers fast wireless charging up to 23W and has an active cooling fan. It is also made with about 54% post consumer recycled materials.

The docked Pixel experience it offers include Sunrise Alarm, Photo Frame, Bedtime experience, Google Assistant visual spotlight, and home and media controls. It can also work with the Nest Doorbell (wired) and Google Meet.

The design is different. There is a USB-C at the cruved rear. The dual-coil stand is positioned at the upper portion.

One coil is used for phones while another one is for charging wearables and Pixel earbuds. The Pixel Stand is Qi-compatible. The active cooling fan features an automatic/manual mode.