We’re not really expecting the new Nexus pair to be unveiled in Berlin this week but at least now we know that Google is scheduled to have an event in San Francisco on the 29th of September. That’s the clearest detail we’ve heard so far but still from sources and not officially from the Internet giant. We’re still betting on the LG Nexus and Huawei Nexus to show off the newest Android 6.0 Marshmallow though. 

This is the first time that Google is launching two Nexus smartphones at once and the first time from Huawei. Google has already worked with LG twice in the past with the Nexus 5 and Nexus 4. The company’s partnership with Huawei could also indicate its plans o get bigger in China. A Huawei Nexus too could be the first step in entering the emerging market. For the part of Huawei, this could also be its chance to be more popular in the US.

Nexus devices are pure Android phones. They are free or customizations from the phone makers and mobile carriers. They can be expensive but like in the past, Google would put nice price tags on the phones. But since more smartphones now are within the mid-range group, there’s no reason for Google to put a high price tag on the phone.



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