Oftentimes, we take our online security and privacy for granted, until you finally get hacked or victimized by any nefarious digital scheme. Google wants you to be proactive when it comes to protecting yourself online, despite all the privacy issues that a search giant can face, and so they have constantly come up with easy-to-understand (well, easier compared to others) privacy controls. Now they have announced that they are re-launching the Google Dashboard which has improved the user interface as well as the user experience to make it easier to control what Google can or cannot access.

If you’ve never used your Google Dashboard, then you better start using it now. You could review all the Google products you associated with your account, what activities you’ve been doing on said apps, and give you quick access to your settings. Later on they added My Account and My Activity so you could make “meaningful decisions” about the data that you’ve been using with the various Google products.

But now they have re-designed the Dashboard from the ground up with one of the major changes being this tool is now more usable on touchscreen, since, let’s face it, a lot of our time is spent on smartphones and tablets. Google has also made it easier for you by giving you an overview of how you use data in each of the products. Downloading all this data is also now much easier, if you need to have an offline record of these things.

Privacy controls, whether it’s through My Activity or My Account, and Takeout (the aforementioned downloading of your data), should be much more accessible and understandable with the new Google Dashboard. The improved and redesigned version should start rolling out to everyone by next week.

SOURCE: Google