If you own an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core device, we’ve got some good news for you. The new games, called Zombie Driver THD, has made its way to Google Play, and it looks like a solid game. It’s developed by Exor Studios, and they describe the game as having “massive amounts of zombie carnage and unprecedented destruction effects.” Clearly, it is being aimed at pushing the Tegra processor to its limits.

The game comes with three different modes of destruction derby-style zombie massacring . The first mode is the stroyline, which sees you smashing zombies in coherently linked missions. The second mode sees you saving survivors while, you guessed it, killing tons more zombies. The last mode is a wave-based survival mode that tasks you with trying not to die for as long as you possibly can.

There are plenty of things to unlock the keep the game fresh and fun. There’s a total of 13 vehicles to choose from, so there should be lots to keep you playing for a while. According to developers, there are enough upgrades to turn your car into a “chariot of death.” Our friends at SlashGear are positively gushing about the quality of the game, so it definitely has us intrigued.

The graphics in the game come from PhysX by NVIDIA, and they looks quite impressive. The game is available now through the NVIDIA TegraZone for $7. It looks like the perfect way to relax and recover from the candy-induced fog that Halloween seems to generate for all of us.

[via SlashGear]