As the launch for the Samsung Galaxy S5 draws near, expect a slew of rumors to pop up. Some will be wildly off-base, while others will be plausible. This round falls into the latter category, where we hear of some very salient specs for the new Galaxy flagship. Though we’ll believe it when we see it, these details do whet the appetite.

Like we always do, we’ll caution against buying into these numbers wholeheartedly. Though possible, and even believable, they do come from an anonymous source who claims to have direct knowledge. SamMobile isn’t saying how or why they have this info, but it sounds like a new flagship. It also keeps pace with other rumors we’ve heard about the S5, so we’ll file this one under “very possible”.

The newest Galaxy S iteration is now said to have a 2560 x 1440 display, of the Super AMOLED variety. Rumors put the display at around 5 to 5.5-inches, though that wasn’t noted this time around, so no details there. SamMobile is also saying the camera is confirmed at 16MP, but no word on OIS just yet.

If that weren’t enough, the S5 will sport a Snapdragon 805, according to these rumors. It’s also going to have a variant of Samsung’s proprietary Exynos 6 chip, and be available in two variants. According to the latest round of rumors, the S5 will come in either metal or plastic, with Samsung also working on a mini and Zoom variant. Those variants are said to be launched a few months after the initial release, where the plastic and metal meet the world.

Interesting news, but still many questions to be answered. With the chipset(s) be 64-bit? Will there be both metal and plastic versions of the mini and Zoom? That would give us about six different models of the S5, and with special carrier colors and such, who knows how many we’ll end up with. One thing is certain: regardless of the specs or feature set, it will sell like mad.