Flashtool is a must have for Sony Xperia device owners who usually tweak their smartphones and tablets. Made by the developer “Androxyde”, the utility is used to flash any firmware onto your Sony Xperia device. The update here is that the latest version now supports all Xperia devices, whereas the version before it brought support for Sony’s 2015 devices, but required script to do it.

The developer has combined the old flashing method (no script) and the new method by asking the utility to look for the presence of a script. If there is no Flashtool Script detected, the utility will default to the old method – thereby supporting both new and old Xperia devices.


Flashtool is a pretty versatile utility, that’s why most Sony Xperia users prefer it. Sony’s own flashing utility only allow you to do upgrades to firmware, while Flashtool allows users to downgrade to firmware versions they prefer. There’s also a bootloader unlocker iwthin the utility, if your device’s bootloader is unlockable.

Check out the source link below and look for the download links on Androxyde’s official website. It’s recommended that you use the new version, although look out for the specific instructions at the source, as folder structure may be messed up from the installation of the utility.

VIA: Xperia Blog


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