The Files GO storage manager app was released by Google globally last year. We said it is a quick solution to deal with mass good morning messages. It was updated with SD card and tablet support, “open with” option, and a faster way of backing up files to the Google Drive. It’s already available on most Android phones and we have a feeling it will be more popular than before now that more Android Go phones are being introduced left and right.

A new beta version is ready so if you haven’t downloaded Files Go yet, feel free to check out the Beta channel and get the file sharing app. Make sure you clean your phone’s storage as soon as you see a list of what files can be deleted. Feel free to join the BETA preview and see for yourself the updates and new features. We have a feeling other Android Go apps will also receive related updates within a few weeks of roll-out.

With Files Go, free up space on your phone, find files faster, share files offline, and backup files to cloud.

Become a tester and download Files Go by Google from the Google Play Store

VIA: Reddit