If you’re forgetful like me then apps like this will really come in handy. The latest update to Todo Q makes reviewing and entering tasks much easier than before. The new button bar has shortcuts for open settings, maps, adding tasks, and toggling the display for tasks that you have completed. Widget has received and overhaul as well. It now has a 3×2 and displays up to 4 items at once. This app is $1.99 in the Android Market and it only works with 2.0 and above devices.

Market Description:

Todo Q adds a location based todo list to your Droid or other 2.0 device. Todo Q syncs with your calendar and has fields for priority, category, subcategory(w/rebalance), etc. Locations as icons are added by address, feature name or graphically from the map view. Time and location alarms, with repeating alarms are available.

[via brainlabs]