Barnes & Noble’s popular eBook reader application, NOOK, has received some very appreciated updates with it’s third update in seven weeks of being on the platform. Barnes & Noble has been really receptive of user requests and we can see that in every update as more and more features are added. NOOK also utilizes QuickActions making it one of the first to make use of this element in an Android app.

This update adds some many changes to make reading on the application more immersive as well as more customizable including:

  • Faster access and action in Library:
    • Pop-up menus appear around eBooks in Library to offer the most frequently used options, including Details, LendMe, More By and Buy Now (for samples).  This feature is enabled by QuickActions, a new best practice in Android UI.  Barnes & Noble is among the first companies to incorporate QuickActions into Android apps, along with Twitter.
  • More customizable reading experience:
    • There are now four line spacing options available, in addition to the four margin options introduced previously.
    • Text justification can be turned on or off.
    • The settings screen has been updated to a more user-friendly format to accommodate the latest changes.
  • More immersive reading experience:
    • Readers now have the option to hide the status bar when reading to focus more  fully on the content.
    • Other performance enhancements

    [Via Barnes & Noble]


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