I don’t know about you guys, but I really like the DROID TV Commercials from Verizon. Back at the beginning of November we had video of the latest TV ad at that time; in a world that doesn’t, droid does. Now there’s a new one, and by the way, the phone on the image is not an iDon’t, but clearly, Verizon wants you to compare it to the more capable DROID.

One thing that most of us have already figured out about the DROID commercials is that they are not directed to girls. So is safe to assume that Verizon is targeting males with the DROID by Motorola TV ads. We can say those ads are “guy friendly”, and please, don’t get me wrong pretty ladies who love Android devices like the Moto DROID, but you are few.

Now, with this latest commercial, there is no doubt, if there was any, that Verizon is doing just that. We can hear clearly the robotic voice saying; “It’s not a Princess… it’s a Robot”, and after that, at the end of the ad, the same voice lets you know that the DROID is “a phone that trades hairdo for can do”. So enjoy the video and let us know what you think.