Looks like we have picked up another curious Android-powered handset that is being called the “G2 mobile phone china cellphone” as the video claims, or “Dream G2” as the device actually states. From what we can see this is nothing more than a cheap knock off of an Android handset that China is producing. There is no HTC branding, as the HTC Dream was the running name of the T-Mobile G1 in the early stages.

The first clue we the inconsistency in the name, the title not being the T-Mobile G2 is a clear indication.  At first glance this handset reminded me of the Velocity 103. Many of the menus and the need for a stylus suggest that it is possible this is running on top of Windows Mobile 6.1.

Go ahead and watch the entire seven minutes and try to think of what the continuous “Connection failed, please press OK to continue” may indicate.  Handwriting recognition is a clear indication that this is a Chinese based phone and what kind of phones usually come out of China? Even the charger was the cheap Android USB one that is selling on the Internet currently. We will let you be the judge, let us know what you think.