With Android 4.4.3 incoming, it leads some to wonder what is in store for us. With all the chat about ugly apps lately, we’re sure to see some UI tweaks from Google. They may have tipped their hat a bit early via Twitter, where some tech support led to a glimpse at what oculd be the new dialer.

In the screenshots, which you see below, quite a bit has changed. The more obvious alteration involves the blue at the top, where a mass of cyan brandishes what was once grey area. The action bar has also gone blue-gle, with the fancy new phone app disappearing.

There also seems to be some very slight font tweaks, but we can’t say that for certain. On the new screen shot, it just looks a touch tighter to us. Even if it’s untouched, the blue theme is new — or could be.

This could be dogfooding, or it could be a late stage build of a new dialer — it could also be some sort of customization option in the latest KitKat build. There is no way to know what the deal is here, but it hasn’t been removed yet. Maybe Google just doesn’t care about the leaked image.

Source: Twitter

Via: Android Police