Here are some things you need to know: Phosphor Games Studio has a new game coming to mobile devices, it’s called Horn, and it looks awesome. Part Infinity Blade and part Zelda, Horn is built using the Unreal engine, and from the look of the trailer we have posted after the break, it seems that it will be pushing the limits of mobile devices. In other words, get excited.

PocketGamer plays host to a slew of new information about the game, which was announced by Zynga back in June. Yes, that Zynga. Apparently the social games company sees something good in Horn, as it has signed on as publisher for the title. Really, it’s hard not to be impressed with Horn, especially from a visual standpoint.

You’ll be playing as Horn, whose village has been overrun by those giant stone monsters you can see in the trailer. Before long, Horn realizes that those stone giants are actually the other residents of his village, so naturally, it’s up to him to save them all from their towering fate. The stone giants make us immediately think of Shadow of the Colossus, and a mashup of that game, Infinity Blade, and Zelda is definitely something that gets our attention.

When you engage in combat, the camera zooms in nice and close, just like in Infinity Blade. There’s also a world to explore in the third-person perspective when you aren’t fighting, which is where the comparisons to Zelda come in. At the end of everything, Horn is definitely a game to get excited about, but unfortunately, we don’t have a solid release date, price, or platform list for the title yet. It’s arriving sometime later this month, however, so those missing details will undoubtedly be coming soon. Keep an ear to Android Community for more information!