New “cupcake” update details have been announced on the Android project site. Apparently we will be getting a lot more than a few bug fixes and supposed security patches. Just what else is there, take a look after the jump.

Google has decided to tear into the camera and pull out video recording for all T-Mobile G1 owners. No longer will we be behind with the rest of the phones because the lack of basic features. The browser will be getting an inline find function that implements very selective copy and paste. There are also a few speed enhancements that may or may not be recognizable to the average user.

The rest of the updates are more for future devices as they are not G1 specific enhancements. One update that has us stumped is the addition of “Basic x86 support.” Another addition will be the framework that allows for simple system-wide on-screen input. There is also a note of faster MMS scrolling and the ability to save attachments from MMS, come on Google.

[Via AndroidProject]