If you’re thinking of going out for a drink tonight, we have an app you should try before venturing into the world. Going by the name of Secret Happy Hour, the app is now out for Android, and has your casual drinking habits in mind. The app also aims to save you money, which is just as good as a stiff drink or warm cider.

The apps aim is really simple, but sublime. By keeping track of happy hours at bars and restaurants everywhere, it will let you know where and when to go for a drink. The app also has exclusive specials, so you have the opportunity to save even more. In theory, it sounds great. In application, we’re not so sure.

We tested the app in Portland, OR and had no real luck. It didn’t locate bars in the area, and we had it tuned to search for anything within 25 miles, and even searching up to 100 miles out returned nothing. Even worse, navigation in the app seemed to be stuck, offering nothing beyond a blank map search. There are icons at the bottom of the screen, but clicking them seemed to do nothing.

The app was launched a few days ago, so we can only hope our issues will improve with time. It has a lot of potential to be a really unique app, but right now, we can’t get much from it. A search for “Secret Happy Hour” in the Play Store also returned several — let’s say “strange” — results before we scrolled down to find the app. If you’re in a larger city, give it a shot and let us know if you have any luck. We’d like to think major metropolitan areas would have more to offer, but blank results don’t sit well for us.