When meeting up with a friend or colleague, it can be tough figuring out a place to go. Neither of you wants/needs to travel the entire distance to the other person’s location, so where do you go? Unless you’re overly familiar with the area, or like staring at Google Maps, you’re lost. A new app, the aptly named Meet Me Halfway, does the grunt work for you.

The app does exactly what it’s meant to — find a halfway point to meet up! Simply put, you put in two locations, and the ap finds a halfway point. Nobody goes out of their way, and everyone gets to hang out. Rather than just split the difference in distance and leave it at that, the app takes it a step further.

By finding nearby places to hang out, Meet Me Halfway really gives you the opportunity to hang out, not just meet up. You’ll also be able to give an accurate location to meet at, and the map can be shared to whoever you’re meeting up with. You can filter results, too, so if you have something specific in mind to do, this app can make it happen.

Still in beta, Meet Me Halfway holds a lot of promise. We like the concept, but we’ll give it a bit of time to mature before calling it one to rely on. A recent update fixed troubles with the app showing the halfway point — which is kind of the point.