Have you ever wondered if the mobile service you have is the best for you? Glove, a new app for Android, plans to answer that question for you. Rather than ask friends which service they have, Glove aims to make sure you’re getting the right service for you.

The app works fairly simply, too. Running in the background for three days, Glove will analyze where you go and what you do, then cross reference that with signal strength from carriers in the area. Once the data is compiled, glove will tell you which carrier is best, and even offer to put you in contact with them.

According to Glove, up to 75% of us could be using better service. The app seems useful enough, especially since we all have different wants when it comes to mobile service. Sadly, it’s only available in New York and the Bay Area of California, so we can’t really give it a go just yet.

Right now, Glove seems like a go-to app for those ready to switch carriers. Rather than ask a friend who may have great Verizon service to and from their house — then signing up — you can find out what’s best for you. Like a favorite of ours, Open Signal Map, Glove gives unbiased data about coverage and signals strength. We’ve learned not to trust carrier data regarding coverage, so an app like Glove will help you find a carrier who’s service fits you like a glove.