It appears that HTC may have leaked a little info, which is not always a bad thing, especially for us. Someone over at the PPCCGeeks forum is claiming to have HTC’s full 2009 roadmap. Now we all know what’s coming next, one of the rumored handsets is an Android-powered one.

The HTC Hero or “Android Hero” actually looks like a Hello Kitty yakked all over a cheap Chinese knock off of the T-Mobile G1 crossed with the HTC Touch Pro. It does not appear that this rumored device will indeed be a US bound handset, but it is still said to be running Android and that in itself is exciting enough.

There are always going to be rumors of a new HTC Android-powered handset floating around because of the G1. Why in the world would HTC – a company known for their sleek black phones – go with a pink handset? There are also plenty of other reasons this does not lineup. We want to hear from you guys, what do you think about this handset if it were real? Why is or isn’t this a real phone?

[Via PPCGeek]


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