Android 12 2022 Features Update CES 2022

During the CES week, Google has announced several new Android features slated for release this 2022. The tech giant presented the upcoming improvements that are expected to enhance the whole Android experience not only on smartphones but on other mobile devices. If you remember, the tech pulled out of the live CES 2022 event because of growing concerns over COVID-19. A big post was just shared on The Keyword blog, sharing how things can be better together with Android. It’s a glimpse into the world of multi-device experiences.

Since most people own many devices, there is a need to know how to better manage them. With more households having connected devices since 2021 (25 from 11 in 2019), there is a demand for easier set up and move to another gadget. Android can make things easier for everyone.

Android is available not just on smartphones but also on laptops, tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, and smart speakers. Other smart connected devices can also integrate with the Android platform. The Android ecosystem is getting bigger and more complicated but there is a move to make things simpler and more helpful.

Fast Pair Expansion

Android can work better with a number of new features and improvements starting with quick set up and connection of new devices. Fast Pair lets you connect Android smartphones with other Bluetooth accessories. With this feature, you can instantly set up and pair devices. You only need to launch the companion app to install and transfer previous Google credentials. This means you don’t have to enter or choose again when you have a new phone.

Fast Pair may go beyond audio connectivity with headphones, wearables, speakers, and even cars. It will be ready on more smart home devices and TVs.

Chromebook, Wear OS Unlock

Locking and unlocking of devices can be easy with Chromebook with an Android phone. Wear OS smartwatches may soon be able to do this. Digital keys will also be available with a Samsung or Pixel phone and with supported BMW cars. If your phone has Ultra Wideband (UWB), you will not need to take our your smartphone to open your car. More Android phones and vehicles will have this feature.

Even with multiple devices, you can easily complete tasks and share media. There’s also Chromecast built-in in most Android phones, making streaming and sharing videos easier. More devices from more brands will soon get this feature.

Improved Integration

Phone Hub on Chromebooks are getting more features as well. This allow more tasks to be done across different devices. Some future additions include viewing and responding to chat notifications on your Chromebook, toggle for Do Not Disturb, and ringtone to find phone. Camera Roll is also being added to Phone Hub.

Use your voice while still on the road to open or close your garage door or turn off kitchen lights. You can check if the front door is locked or your can turn down the thermostat. You can ask Google anything with remote actions.


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