Not everything about the now-discontinued Galaxy Note 7 was that bad. In fact, before those batteries caught on fire (which is pretty bad, don’t get us wrong), people were actually liking the phablet. But all of that is now pointless, but that doesn’t means some of the good things cannot be carried over to other devices. The latest update to the Always On Display feature of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge brings some things that were only previously available on the Galaxy Note 7.

These aren’t major changes mind you, but having new customization options is always welcome with any update. Version 1.4.02 brings several new options, like a new calendar look to choose from, but two existing themes have been removed though. It also gives you a new digital clock where you can add your own custom text signature and you can even change the color and the font as well. You will also now be able to see your currently playing music track on your Always On Display.

Even better news is that they have been able to reduce the battery consumption of the Always On Display. It will now only use less than 1% of battery every hour. This is something that makes AOD pretty helpful for those who want to save up on energy but also have the tendency to check their smartphone every once in a while, causing battery drainage.

There are still some features that seem to be broken and not working with this latest update, but expect that that will be fixed in the next update. You can manually update the Always On Display by going to your settings. There are also APK link in the source article if you want to do it that way.

VIA: XDA Developers


  1. I really liked my Note 7. Best phone I’ve ever had. I use zooper to display the battery temperature – the replacement Note 7 never got over 98° F, and dropped temp. fast when not being used. The original jumped to the high 90’s fast and dropped much more slowly when not in use.

    I do not use phone cases. I bet the testing Samsung did was without a case. Cases raise the phone’s temperature substantially – every picture of a burnt Note 7 I saw included a case. I’m certain the Note 7 was undone by cases (when you’re cold, you put on a coat to help your body retain it’s heat – a case slows a phone’s ability to radiate heat).

    It’s all moot now. I dropped back to the Note 5 to keep using a stylus. Hopefully, Samsung will include a stylus with their next 5.7″ + phone.


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