Verizon released a 4G LTE Extender over a year ago to enhance connections. The goal is to improve the connection where you are. Sure, there’s still the WiFi at home or in the office which can be usually reliable but 4G LTE is oftentimes faster in some areas. The extender is ideal for small businesses and restaurants as it offers your own coverage in a building. A new version is ready, promising ultra speed we’re guessing will just be a taste of the future 5G technology.

The Verizon 4G LTE Extender 2 fills any dead spot wherever you are. It’s more of a cellphone station that can cover up to 50-foot radius or 7,500 square feet. You still have to connect this to an internet connection (min of 10Mbps). It will simply extend from cellular to broadband network, allowing up to 14 users using different mobile devices to connect and be active at once.

You can’t plug this in a landline phone and it doesn’t offer support for 3G EVDO or 1X voice. No need to have a computer with you either because setup can be viewed on the LCD display. Price tag reads $249.99.

Buy the 4G LTE Extender 2 product straight from Verizon’s online store.

VIA: SlashGear


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