If you’ve dreamt of watching Star Wars on ice and then see Luke Skywalker compete with a bear, then this new “360° visual and auditory experience” from Google might be the next best thing to that. A new addition to the Spotlight Stories collection is set to come out on the Google Spotlight app today. 360 Google Spotlight Story: On Ice is only the second story in this new experiment from the tech giant, as part of this seeming “global conspiracy” to make virtual reality happen in 2016.

The story is directed by Shannon Tindle, the Emmy-award winning director from the quirky animated series Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. From what we can see in the short trailer, there is a space-themed ice show with light swords (we can’t say sabers can we?) and all and a seemingly vain and egocentric lead star who loves to be the star of the show but it looks like a bear is set to overshadow him.

Just like the first story Special Delivery, there are a lot of things happening around the story and the screen. It is also best experienced using a Google Cardboard, instead of just your boring old screen. If you missed anything that’s happening on the main stage, you can just look up and see it on the Jumbotron.

You can watch On Ice either through the Google Spotlight Stories channel on the YouTube app or you can just watch it directly on the Google Spotlight Stories app when it finally arrives later today.

VIA: AusDroid