If you’re traveling to a country with a language that’s different than what you know or normally use, Google Translate can be your best friend. However, sometimes you don’t always have data connection and finding WiFi when you really need it can be a bit inconvenient. Well now you hopefully won’t have that problem anymore as the neural machine translation, which improved the accuracy of what you’re trying to understand or say, is now available for offline translations as well.

NMT significantly improved the accuracy of Google Translate since it translates whole sentences at a time instead of the more common phrase-based machine translation (PBMT). It is also able to use broader context and then rearranges and readjusts the translation to sound more like a “real person” speaking. And it does everything in split seconds. Translating entire paragraphs is not the headache (or laugh trip) that it used to be before and now you’ll be able to have this tool offline.

Each language set that can be downloaded offline is around 35-45MB so it’s not that heavy if storage space is an issue for you. Go to your Translate app your offline translation settings. Just tap on the arrow button next to the language that you want to download and after it has finished, try out the new NMT-based translation. If you’ve already used offline translations before, you’ll see a banner on your home screen which will let you update your existing one (or ones).

The NMT offline translations will be rolling out over the next few days. It’s currently available for 59 languages but hopefully they’ll be adding more in the future.

SOURCE: Google