VoIP applications on smartphones are a great way to save some minutes and money on calling overages. Using your WiFi or data connection, you can make calls to lots of people you want to talk too without eating into the minutes on your plan. NetTALK has unveiled a new app for Android users that supports calls on 3G, WiFi, and EDGE networks across the US.

The app has some other features too like the ability to record calls, import contacts from the smartphone phone book, received support by dialing #611 and more. A bridge service is available for conferencing using the app by dialing #2663. Users can also add and organize their contacts on the app.

The company is also working on some cool features for future updates like the ability to link to the personal netTALK DUO phone number for more mobility. International calling at a low rate is also coming in the future along with being able to receive calls on the smartphone using the netTALK DUO phone number. The app is free for users to grab and the netTALK DUO sells for $69.95.