If you are the sort that worries incessantly about viruses on your Android device, you will be glad to hear that NetQin has unveiled a new beta release of its mobile anti-virus software for Android devices. The new beta version is 4.2 and it also guards against malware.

The software includes anti-virus protection that can find and delete the latest viruses, trojans, spyware, and malicious fee-deduction software to protect your phone and your money. The protection runs in real-time on the device and provides protection during file transmission, network connection, and app installation. The software also installs a firewall that runs in the background.

Other features of the AV software include a backup contacts feature that allows the backup and restoring of contacts on the phone in the case of an issue. The contact info can be restores between Android, Symbian, iOS, and other platforms. The other major feature is called mobile anti-lost that helps the user to find their device if it is lost or stolen. The phone can have an alarm activated on the handset to help you find it and if it can’t be found the app lets the user delete all the information on the phone remotely. The beta version is on the Android Market right now.


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