Google removed the Internet permission on Android when the Lollipop was released last year. That irked some hardcore Android users but it didn’t become much of a problem because blocking individual apps and installing a firewall were still possible with a simple root access. Unfortunately for the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, that can no longer be done.

It seems that rooting has become more difficult for Android users but never under estimate the weakness of Android security power of genius hackers especially those who are part of the XDA community because there’s always a way around these issues. Considering some code tweaking was done to remove permissions, you can still control the Internet access off apps even without rooting. Marshmallow strongly discourages rooting so the most sensible way is to make an app.

Thanks to XDA developer M66B for this new app called Netguard that will allow a user to control which apps may access the Internet. With this app, you can gain control of the app and block selectively which ones you want to give Internet access to. App won’t need any rooting just so you can control both cellular and WiFi connectivity. It’s not as complicated to use and understand because of the simple user interface.

Netguard for Android XDA 2

The red icon means app is blocked while the green icons indicates it’s allowed access. You’ll see an orange switch that will enable firewall, just toggle it to “on” and you’re good to go. The developer designed the app to be minimal so it won’t drain the phone’s battery. Several protocols are also supported like TCP, UDP, IPv4, and IPv6.

There’s seems to be a movement to less rooting as introduced by Google in the new Android Marshmallow. It may be long before a totally no-root access future is possible because hackers are also advancing their skills. Apps like Netguard makes it easier for any ordinary Android user to at least enjoy more features and customizations even without having to root their phones.

VIA: XDA Developers