Miracast, for those unfamiliar with the name, means you can mirror the display from the device in your hand to your television. In this case we are talking about the Miracast-enabled Netgear PTV3000 meadia streamer and an Android smartphone. And thanks to the recent PTV3000 update — you can now do just that. This update is currently available for the PTV3000 and brings support for select Android devices.

More specifically, this update brings support for the Galaxy Note II and Note 10.1 as well as the Galaxy S III (running 4.1.1 or later), the Nexus 4 (running 4.2.1 or later), the LG Optimus G (running 4.0.4 or later) and “various” Sony Xperia models (provided they are running 4.0.4 or later). For those keeping track, or checking to see if they have the latest version, this update will bring your Netgear PTV3000 up to version 2.2.9.

Aside from the Miracast support for Android devices, this PTV3000 update also brought a long list of improvements and changes. For example, Miracast and Intel Wireless Display (Wi-Di) have been combined into a single user interface. Basically, this means that you no longer have to push the button on the side to switch between the modes. The Intel Wi-Di connectivity has also been improved for those with Windows 8 and there have been some fixes put in place for disconnection issues on mobile devices.

You can check the full and complete change log on the Netgear download site. Those looking to get the update, here is what you will need to do. To begin with, push and hold the WPS button (on the side) for more than 5 seconds. This will take the PTV3000 into firmware update mode and from here it is just a matter of following the prompts on the screen.

[via Engadget]