Virgin Mobile USA, together with Netgear, has announced the availability of the Netgear Mingle Mobile Hotspot. This little Internet-enabled device is designed to provide users with Internet anytime anywhere thanks to Virgin Mobile’s Broadband2Go coverage.

While users undoubtedly appreciate the freedom afforded by devices such as tablets and laptops, not many are keen on spending more on 3G-enabled devices or wrestle with growing mobile data bills. For such situations, a mobile hotspot like this latest Netgear gadgets it the most practical solution.

The Mingle is able to accommodate up to 10 wireless devices at the same time to share the 3G Internet connection, or even 4G LTE should the service be available in the area. Its password-protected secure access ensures that only authorized devices, your or your friends, are able to slurp up the connection. It has an 1,800 mAh batter that is advertised to last for 12.5 hours of active use, definitely a lot more than a smartphone that functions as a mobile hotspot.

Netgear also provides an AirCard app, for both Android and iOS, that will let users manage and monitor the Mingle without even having to touch the device. A desktop charging cradle is also available, sold separately, that adds a few interesting features. Aside from charging the mobile hotspot, it also increases the signal by up to 10dB. The cradle also sports its own MIMO antennas in order to further boost transfer speeds.

The Netgear Mingle Mobile Hotspot is priced at $99. Virgin Mobile’s Broadband2Go service offers no-contract Internet plans, starting at $5 a day for 250 MB of data. Subscribers can also opt for a larger, and more expensive, 6 GB capacity at $55 a month.

SOURCE: Virgin Mobile