Netflix entering into gaming – since it considers Fortnite more of a competitor than HBO – is the hottest topic in weeks. Ever since the king of media streaming services announced its venturing into gaming, the tech community has followed this development with keen interest. Hiring Mike Verdu, a former EA and Oculus executive, as the vice president of game development drew everyone’s attention toward things to come in the next year or so. The report by Bloomberg also informed that Netflix will hire a potent team of game developers and offer gaming as early as next year.

Now, in its Q2, 2021 earnings report, the company has admitted that their gaming adventure will begin with the mobile platform. They will look to expand their previous attempts at a similar concept like Black Mirror Bandersnatch and its Stranger Things games published via third-party platforms.

In a letter to the shareholders, the company narrowed down on the fact that gaming will be a new category in the interface. Just like they ventured into original films, animations and unscripted TV – gaming will also see that path.

They also pressed on the fact that no additional cost or charges will be thrust on the consumers, who can enjoy these games just like they enjoy the other content. It is highly likely that the gaming content will be something similar to the existing IPs or even a gaming version of say, the Sweet Tooth series.

This latest development clearly hints at Netflix’s commitment toward the new genre coming to the platform. Letter to the investors is further proof of how the gaming industry is going to be the next big avenue for big names to explore – in particular mobile gaming.