Just in time for everyone in the US to start receiving their Galaxy Nexus phones running ICS, Netflix has updated today with full support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The update has just hit the Android Market and it only shows a few small bug fixes and ICS support. This is just in time because I’m sure many are picking their Nexus up at this very moment.

Netflix was working it just had some major issues and wasn’t playing right with Ice Cream or the 1280x720p screen resolution on the Galaxy Nexus. We still don’t have an official tablet app for Honeycomb (and now ICS) from Netflix either. They’ve recently updated and released a nice tablet specific app for iOS so we should be seeing something similar land for Android very soon.

Now I’m sure everyone is reporting Galaxy Nexus news but with a phone this big, and important, finally available it is worth mentioning more than a few times. We’ve already received more than a few with our team here at Android Community and will be testing out the new Netflix app soon. While you’re here feel free to enjoy our Galaxy Nexus LTE hands-on. After that you’ll probably want your own even more — just giving fair warning.

Netflix Market Link