The folks from Netflix have announced they’ll be offering multiple social features starting in 2013 for their movie and TV services. A bill was recently passed in the senate that removes restrictions on sharing movie and rental history in the US. Netflix has offered social features outside the US for some time, but this will be available stateside soon.

According to Talking Points Memo once Obama signs the bill and everything gets the green light Netflix will be rolling out updates and new features across all their platforms in early 2013. For those looking to share to Facebook that they’ve just finished the Breaking Bad season — soon you’ll be able to do just that.

The bill that will soon be passed will overturn the current US restrictions that was preventing Netflix and others from sharing movie and TV information socially. The same way in which we share to Facebook, Twitter, and more which Spotify song we’re currently enjoying — and things of that nature.

This will amend the Video Privacy Protection Act and allow services like Netflix to integrate sharing and social features into Facebook. This might not be a big deal to some, but we know how us Americans enjoy sharing anything and everything on Facebook. Netflix expects to integrate these features in early 2013. Get ready to share your favorite seasons and shows to the social world.

[via SlashGear]