Sometimes you don’t have time to watch actual Netflix shows and movies while on your break time but you still want to see what are the upcoming videos that you can add to your watchlist or just something to look forward to. It looks like the streaming giant is testing out something new for that very purpose. They’re calling it “Extras” and it’s a sort of news feed featuring trailers, pictures, and hopefully, other related content to entertain us while scrolling through that feed.

According to an article on SlashGear, some users have reported seeing an extra “Extras” feed on their mobile Netflix app. It basically has trailers for shows that may be connected with what you’ve seen in the past plus images snd other similar content. The images are similar to what you may see on Instagram, which includes captions, @mentions, and even emojis. You’ve probably seen some Netflix content on your social media and this is probably what will also appear on the Extras feed.

Netflix has confirmed that they are indeed testing out the Extras feed but it may not actually be a permanent feature. They are still in the testing stages, looking at how random users will respond to it. However we do not know which regions are being tested and how big of a testing pool they have. But if you made it to the group, then you should be able to see Extras in your app with its own dedicated button.

If you discover new shows or ones that you haven’t watched before, you can easily add it to the My List video playlist. You can also share the post on your other networks. Videos will automatically play as you scroll but thankfully they’re muted. Images meanwhile are packed with scrolling galleries.

The challenge for Netflix would also be to create content specifically for the feed so that it won’t be populated with just their generic promotional posts. If you’re one of the users that got Extras, let us know what you think of it.