It’s sort of a good news bad news situation for those who are fans of a specific on-demand video service. The good news, as we all know, is that Netflix is now available in 190 countries. The bad news is that not all the content in their library is available for all those countries due to some licensing and geographical issues. The good news is that they promise they are working on getting those out of the way. The bad news is that those of you who are using proxies and unblockers will have to go legit now.

Before Netflix expanded to other territories, people who still wanted to use the video streaming service had to rely on proxy servers or unblockers so that they could fool the servers into thinking the user was actually in a supported territory. But now, Netflix is actually available in a lot of countries and they are working on all (or at least most) content to be available there as well. So they announced that they will be cracking down on those using said proxies since they have to “respect and enforce content licensing by geographic location.”

So in the next few weeks, those who are using the proxies will notice that they will only be able to access content available in their country. Or at least that’s what Netflix promised to do. And they will be using the same measures that other firms are using to do the same in other context. But those who are “good” users will not experience any problems of course.

Now, let’s wait and see if Netflix will be successful in this crackdown or if proxy users will find another way to circumvent the system. Of course not everyone can understand or appreciate the intricacies of licenses and geographical restrictions and all they want to do is just watch their favorite shows and movies.

SOURCE: Netflix