We can’t say “chill” anymore now that Netflix is blocking devices that are unlocked or rooted. If you are running Netflix on a rooted phone or tablet, don’t be surprised if the app suddenly stops working because the company decided to block modified devices. You may soon see an ‘incompatible’ notification when you launch the app but interestingly, it still works on some phones.

Netflix said that those devices not certified by Google, meaning those that have been altered, will not work with the recently updated app. Even worse, the Play Store no longer shows the app on the listing. Netflix now relies on Widevine DRM technology by Google so the app must be compatible with a trusted Android device. This is to ensure mobile security as what Widevine does is to categorize phones into three security levels. It can identify devices running or not running in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

The app may be missing on the Play Store for some rooted devices because it’s on SaftetyNet and not Widevine TEE yet. For those devices that still run the app, the updated changelog says,“Version 5.0 only works with devices that are certified by Google and meet all Android requirements.”

Some unlocked devices can still run the app even if users can’t find Netflix on the listing. We’re not sure what’s happening here but we have a feeling Netflix just wants to weed out the users.

Read Netflix’s official statement regarding the change:

With our latest 5.0 release, we now fully rely on the Widevine DRM provided by Google; therefore, many devices that are not Google-certified or have been altered will no longer work with our latest app and those users will no longer see the Netflix app in the Play Store.

VIA: Android Police