News that Netflix will be be able to stream over Android devices thanks to Qualcoomm’s dual-core Snapdragon processor has sent Netflix stock up seven percent to just under $250 a share.   The boost represents the single highest stock increase in the video service’s history and it continues to climb.

In addition, thanks to Netflix’s high customer satisfaction ratings, it’s breach into the top ten most visited sites on the Internet (Neilsen) and it’s adding of 3 million subscribers in the fourth quarter has caused analysts to not only take notice, but change the stock to an approving long term investment.

That’s certainly good news all the way around as consumers look to “cut the cable” and choose online streaming options to get their entertainment fill.  And with mobile options added to the mix, the only impediment to Netflix’ future is if Hollywood gets greedier and starts demanding a bigger piece of the pie for the content they provide.

[via C’Net]