Google TV is supposed to be your gateway to all the streaming services available and to help you manage where you can find all your shows and movies in just one place. But if it’s missing one of the most popular services out there, it’s not a good look. Apparently, Netflix has been removed from the watch directory of Google TV for some undisclosed reason. This means you won’t find Netflix search results when you’re looking for a particular video content.

Basically, Google TV, formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV, was your hub for searching where a particular show or movie is available on various streaming services. And with a new service popping up every few months, it’s an easy way to keep track of where these shows and movies can be streamed. Some of the supported services include Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access, DC Universe, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, etc.

What’s significant in that list of supported services is that Netflix seems to have disappeared. 9 to 5 Google says that the popular streaming service can’t be linked to the Google TV app so you won’t see Netflix listings when you’re searching for a particular piece of content. You can still access your Netflix app of course on your device or smart TV but having it not part of Google TV’s listings is a bit of a problem.

For its part, Google says they “work with each content partner to enable these entertainment experiences”. Basically, they’re saying the level of integration to their services depends on the partner. So without saying anything really, what we’re getting is there’s some problem with Google and Netflix, at least for this particular service. Netflix hasn’t come up with any statement or vague explanation just yet.

Hopefully, they will be able to resolve this problem as having Netflix as part of Google Play is crucial especially if it’s the main streaming service that you use. We’ll update this story in case there’s any new development on either of the two sides.


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