India is a much-coveted market for tech brands. Being the second-most populous country in the world, the opportunities to grow your business there is huge. However, due to economic reasons, the cheaper or more affordable brands are the ones thriving. Netflix’ $12.99 per month subscription pricing will definitely not fly there and so the video streaming giant is now offering a INR 199 (around $2.8) monthly subscription that can compete or even undercut its rivals. However, it’s a mobile-only kind of subscription.

Netflix users in India really wouldn’t mind that it’s a mobile-only service since mobile devices are the ones actually driving media consumption in India. Reports say that Indians spend 30% of their time and more than 70% of their mobile data on watching entertainment. They have to compete with more than three dozen local and international players in the market including Hotter (owned by Disney) and Amazon Prime Video, both of which are priced at around INR 999 (around $14.5). This cheaper plan will definitely help Netflix expand its user base and get a leg up on their competition.

With this plan, you’ll only be able to use it to one mobile device, with an option to use your tablet instead of your smartphone. You are only allowed one concurrent stream and you only get the standard definition viewing of 480p. You will not be able to cast or mirror the content from your mobile device to your TV. Of course, you get ad-free and uninterrupted viewing with this subscription.

This is Netflix’s fourth plan for the Indian market, along with the existing basic, standard, and premium plans. They have also heavily invested in creating original content for that market as they know that locally produced movies and series are a big hit with their users. They have thirteen new films and nine new original series that will be coming up soon and having this affordable mobile-only plan will add to the excitement for the media-devouring Indian public.

If you live in India, you can try out this new Netflix plan for free for the first month. Their existing plans are also getting price adjustments with Basic now at INR 499, Standard at INR 649, and the most expensive is the premium at INR 799.


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