While there are still not a lot of mobile devices that have support for HDR (high dynamic range if you didn’t know yet), those who do have it would now prefer to watch their movies or TV shows in that format. Netflix is one of the streaming services that has a huge HDR library and it looks like they’re pushing it more to their consumers who have the means to watch it. They’re introducing a new Ultra plan in Europe that would let you watch HDR videos in addition to 4K UHD resolution.

The new Ultra plan costs 16.99 euros per month and is obviously more expensive than the Basic (7.99), Standard (10.99), and Premium (13.99). Aside from the availability of HDR, you can watch up to four screens at the same time and of course you have unlimited access to all the films and TV shows in their library. The main difference between Ultra and the previously most expensive plan, Premium, is the availability of HDR for the former.

However, if you view the different tiers on a mobile device, you’ll notice that there’s a difference in the screen availability. For the Standard, which previously had two screens, you’ll now only get one. For Premium, the screens where you can watch on the app will be cut down to 2 from the previous 4. If this gets implemented and wasn’t a typo or something, then it’s a sort of indirect price hike since screens will be reduced and those in the lower tiers would probably want to upgrade if they want to maintain the same number of screens.

These new tiers have already been seen in Italy, Germany, and other European countries. However, there is no news yet if the Ultra plan will also make it to the US and to other territories as well.

VIA: Cord Cutting